Blog List

1. Happy Anniversary, or Yay, Parkinson’s!

2. My New Normal

3. The Negative Spaces

4. Ever try to pull on a wet bathing suit?

5. It was impossible to ignore Muhammad Ali

6. I am struggling with being a bitch in Bible study

7. No Contest

8. The Beat goes on

9. Good Question

10. Riding the River

11. May the Swartz be with you

12. The Magic Words

13. Celebrations

14. It’s time we started thinking about disability

15. I can’t

16. A Perfect Storm

17. A Dose of Reality

18. Parkinson’s Ninja

19. Hypertext Theater in a new tab)

20. Practical Parkinson’s in a new tab)

21. I lied to my mother in a new tab)

22. To you with love in a new tab)

23. Hi, I’m Teresa, and I’m a compulsive overeater in a new tab)

24. Secret Visitors

Secret Visitors

25. Live. Local. Late-breaking.

Live. Local. Late-breaking.

26. Regrets, I’ve had a few

27. Outta the way, Monkey Fighters!

Outta my way, Monkey Fighters!

28. The Last Time I Saw Her

The last time I saw her

29. On the Way Down

On the Way Down

30. Hula-hooping


31. I put on a bra today

I put on a bra today

32. Almost Ready

Almost Ready

33. Under the Mask

Under the Mask

34. The Boy Gets Married

The Boy Gets Married

35. On inadequacy

On inadequacy

36. Life Through the Lens of Parkinson’s

Life Through the Lens of Parkinson’s

37. Watermelons and the Walker Tango

Watermelons and the Walker Tango

38. The Jetsons got it right

The Jetsons got it right – Life through the Lens of Parkinson’s

39. Use it or lose it

Use it or lose it

40. Are you wearing pants?

Are you wearing pants?

41. Blooming

Blooming – Life through the Lens of Parkinson’s

42. Yay, Parkinson’s! Still

Yay, Parkinson’s! Still – Life through the Lens of Parkinson’s (

43. Once a Fat Kid, Always a Fat Kid

44. If the shoe fits