Yay, Parkinson’s! Still

Let's celebrate Parkinson's Awareness Month! A little late. By Teresa Swartz Roberts Blog post 42. Copyright 2021 I almost let the waning hours of Parkinson's Awareness Month get by without a comment. If you're reading this blog, you're aware of Parkinson's Disease. The title is Life through the Lens of Parkinson's, after all. I usually … Continue reading Yay, Parkinson’s! Still

Live. Local. Late-breaking.

The imperfect clock picture signifies the imperfect nature of time with Parkinson's.

Time is at the center of news. It's also at the center of life with Parkinson's. By Teresa Swartz Roberts Blog post 25. Copyright 2018             Live. Local. Late-breaking.             Every broadcast market has at least one news team that describes its newscast with the three Ls. Something about those words must appeal to viewers. … Continue reading Live. Local. Late-breaking.