Live. Local. Late-breaking.

Time is at the center of news. It's also at the center of life with Parkinson's. By Teresa Swartz Roberts 25. Copyright 2018             Live. Local. Late-breaking.             Every broadcast market has at least one news team that describes its newscast with the three Ls. Something about those words must appeal to viewers. Maybe it's … Continue reading Live. Local. Late-breaking.

It was impossible to ignore Muhammad Ali

Ali = boxing

By Teresa Swartz Roberts Blog post 5. Copyright 2016 Boxing is an effective exercise for people with Parkinson's (PWPs). I can't think about boxing without a mental nod to Ali. *Muhammad Ali died June 3, 2016 after a long bout with Parkinson's Disease. He was arguably the most well-known athlete in the world for much … Continue reading It was impossible to ignore Muhammad Ali